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comments from past viewers :


  • "Mind-blowing!"

  • "This is amazing!"

  • "Wow!  This should be a permanent installation!"

  • "You read all of these books?  THAT'S CRAZY."

  • "I'm just totally flabbergasted right now."

  • "This is so engaging."

  • "I can totally relate because my family is this way."

  • "This is so inspirational.  It gives me hope."

  • "This definitely has a WOW factor."

  • "Wow! This has a lot of layers."

  • "Damn!  You're clever!"

  • "This has such depth to it."

  • "I saw this in the paper, and just had to come in and see it."

  • "This is uplifting.  Thank you!  I needed something upflifting today."

  • "I saw this and it should be a traveling installation!"

  • "I could never do this in a million years!"

  • "How did you ever think of this?"

  • "This is incredible."


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